Insu Pack HD

Large capacity isothermal containers, composed of cardboard or polypropylene outer packaging and an interior made of high density polyurethane foam plates laminated with kraft and aluminum. These containers are particularly suitable for the transport and storage of products that require maximum thermal protection, since the high insulating power of the polyurethane walls makes these containers highly autonomous. The use of the container together with the accumulators or the dry ice option makes it suitable for long term transport. These unprinted containers are available from one unit.


  • High thermal insulation capacity.
  • High capacity of resistance to impacts, friction, etc.
  • Easily customizable in dimensions and formats.
  • Different polyurethane thicknesses to optimize the desired product response.
  • Optionally printed depending on the quantity requested.
  • Inclusion of separators, etc, according to needs.
  • Advice from the technical department for the adequate adaptation of the product.
  • Possible incorporation of cardboard pallet, perfectly integrated to the set.
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