Investing in technology

At Insu Pack we have a laboratory exclusively dedicated to the development of tests and simulations aimed at improving our solutions in the field of isothermal logistics.

The large number of variables that can influence the performance of a packaging means that the most reliable method to provide objective data is to record the different temperatures during tests in a controlled environment that simulates the real conditions to which the packaging will be subjected.


Focusing on innovation

Our experience in the design and manufacture of packaging, together with a close collaboration with the Heat Transmission Technology Center of the UPC, a world-renowned research center, has resulted in the development of all the theoretical tools and materials to obtain accurate results in our complete thermal performance simulations, always according to the scenarios predetermined by our customers.

Our exclusive laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform such simulations, including precision instrumentation, prepared and calibrated by the prestigious CTTC, as well as software developed exclusively by CTTC for the acquisition and analysis of numerical results. The use of m-packs manufactured by the University of Bristol according to the requirements of the European standard EN 23953-2:1995, as simulant elements for the performance of the tests, allows obtaining fully representative results.

Improving the environmental management of isothermal products

In the same laboratory we design and develop the isothermal-prototype packaging on which the thermal simulation tests are subsequently carried out, so that when any of our products is launched onto the market it does so with full guarantees of optimum performance. This gives us great flexibility, which allows unrivalled agility in redesign and reengineering processes, always in order to provide a satisfactory response to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to our experience, we can advise our customers according to their needs, to make the logistic process with our packaging and isothermal products more comfortable and effective. Also based on the needs and conditions specified in each case, our customized isothermal products can be rigorously tested and validated according to our testing procedures in our facilities to ensure proven reliability.

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