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In the food industry, in addition to the wholesale transport of frozen or refrigerated food, there is also the transport of food products that require temperature control of the product until the end of the transport cycle.

Companies dedicated to the sale and distribution of food products (especially to small stores or end consumers) have in isothermal packaging a perfect ally to ensure an economical and effective method, which allows your customer to enjoy a product in optimal conditions, without having to increase their logistics costs significantly.


Insu Pack Biotech

In the field of biomedicine and pharmacy, isothermal transport plays a vital role, especially with regard to the shipment of vaccines, medicines, certain diagnostic samples, and samples of organs, tissues, etc., which are the most representative examples of products within this sector.

The need to make the shipping of these types of products as flexible as possible has led to the widespread use of isothermal packaging, together with accumulators and other elements, in recent years. This is the only way to facilitate the delivery of samples, often with origin or destination in places that make the use of a suitable refrigerated vehicle difficult.

The wide range of Insu Pack products has multiple solutions adapted to the needs of this particular sector, ranging from the shipment of perishable products to international destinations that must be kept in a temperature range between 2 and 8 ºC, to the transport of other products in liquid state to cold regions in transports in which the risk of freezing due to exposure to low temperatures must be avoided. And always ensuring that the effectiveness and validity of the packaging and its additional devices are up to the usual industry standards.

Insu Pack Goods

As always, Insu Pack offers its customized solutions to any sector that needs elements to guarantee an adapted isothermal transport.

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