Insu Pack 48

This is the best performing isothermal packaging system on the market. Consisting of a cardboard box and high-density polyurethane foam sheets, this packaging provides the assurance that products will not break the cold chain in long-haul shipments. High-density polyurethane provides an excellent thermal barrier that substantially improves the performance of materials such as EPS. Combined with a corrugated cardboard outer packaging, it forms a strong, robust and durable package with exceptional thermal insulation properties.


  • The best isothermal performance on the market.
  • Possibility of sealing to improve airtightness Possibility of use with negative cold accumulators or dry ice.
  • Suitable for food use.
  • Lid opening handles for easy opening and handling.
  • Various thicknesses depending on the required isothermal capacity.
  • 100% customizable sizes.
  • Outer box customizable by printing in 1 or several inks.
  • Different cardboard qualities according to needs.
  • Advice from the technical department for the proper adaptation of your products.
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