Insu Pack 6

Designed for product shipments of less than 6 hours, for this we manufacture a packaging with a material composed of corrugated cardboard and foam of 2mm thick. With this material and the use of cold accumulators we ensure that the products that use this packaging maintain the cold chain during these 6 hours without the need to use refrigerated transport.


  • Saving of space in the warehouse by presenting folded boxes.
  • Product protection against impacts.
  • Ergonomic product easy to assemble.
  • Suitable for food use.
  • Easy recycling.
  • Possibility of customization up to 3 colors.
  • 100% customizable measures.
  • Inclusion of separators, interior hives, etc, according to needs.
  • Advice from the technical department for the proper adaptation of your products.
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