Insu Pack 24

These packages are designed for the transport of goods maintaining the cold chain for up to 48 hours. For this purpose, we design cardboard packaging with aluminized foam that, with the use of cold accumulators, ensures that the products will not break the cold chain in shipments of up to 48 hours without the need to use refrigerated transport. The use of aluminized foam creates a barrier so that the heat transferred by radiation does not penetrate inside the packaging.


  • Space saving in the warehouse by presenting folded boxes.
  • Logistic efficiency, in relation to EPS packaging, they need less thickness to comply with the cold requirements, so the useful interior space is higher.
  • Effective protection of the product against impacts.
  • Ergonomic product easy to assemble.
  • Suitable for food use.
  • Easy recycling.
  • Possibility of customization up to 3 colors.
  • Impact packaging, at the moment of unboxing, the aluminized interior creates an image of maximum product quality.
  • 100% customizable sizes. Inclusion of separators, interior hives, etc, according to needs.
  • Advice from the technical department for the proper adaptation of your products.
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